Egg Rolls (4) Deep fried rice paper wrapped with vegetables and glass noodle . $3

Salad Rolls (2) Fresh vegetables and tofu wrapped with rice paper, comes with peanut sauce  $3

Crab Puff (5) Fried wonton stuffed with cream cheese, onions and intermediate crab. $3

Curry Puff (4) Stir fried chicken or beef with onion, potatoes, curry powder stuffed in deep fried pastry come with cucumber sauce. $3


Y1 *Papaya Salad Shredded green papaya, thai chili, garlic, tomatoes, green bean and peanut with spicy lime juice. (add salted crab for $1)

Y2*Lemon Grass Chicken Salad Grilled lemongrass chicken with thai chili, cucumber, tomatoes, onion , red onion with spicy lime juice.

Y3*Yum Woon Sen Glass noodle with a choice of ground chicken or pork ,onion, green onion,celery, cilantro, cashew nut , tomatoes with spicy lime juice.

Y4*Yum Beef Grilled beef with thai chili , cucumber, tomatoes, onion, red onion, with spicy lime juice.

Y5*Larb Ground chicken or pork with thai rice powder green onion, red onion with spicy lime juice.


   Choice :    Chicken , Pork, Tofu , Vegetables                        $ 5.50

                   Shrimp                                                                $ 6

 S1*Tom Yum  Hot and sour lemongrass soup with lemongrass ,kalanga root , kaffir leaves , lime juice and thai chili.

 S2 Tom Kah Coconut milk soup with galangal roots, lemongrass, kaffir leaves , lime juice and thai chili.

Ping Yang

P1 Moo Ping / Gai Yang Barbeque marinated pork or chicken with Thai spices , come with sticky rice $5

P2 Moo Satay/ Gai Satay Barbeque marinated pork or chicken with thai spices , coconut milk ,and a touch of curry powder , come with sticky rice $5

P3 Ping Yang Combo Papaya salad  , one choice of barbeque and sticky rice $7.50

Stir Fried

(All Stir Fried comes with Jasmin Rice or Brown Rice)

  Choice : Chicken , Pork, Tofu , Vegetables                         $ 5.50 

                Shrimp                                                                $ 6

1*Pad Ka Pao Ground meat stir fried with fresh chili , basil , green beans and serrano chili.

2*Mango Cashew Mango, cashew nuts, roasted chili, onions, bell pepper,carrots  and sweet chili paste.

3*Cashew Nut Cashew nut stir fried with onion, green onion, roasted

chili, bell pepper with sweet chili paste .

4*Mixed vegetables  Stir fired mixed vegetables.  

5 Pad Vegetables with Cashew nut Stir fried mixed vegetables and cashew nut.

 6 Pad Woon Sen Stir fried glass noodle, eggs , cabbage , tomatoes, carrots, mushroom onion and green onion. 

7*Pad Eggplant Stir fried eggplant , onion, bell pepper and basil with sweet chili sauce.

 8 Garlic and Pepper Fresh garlic and black pepper topped on fresh lettuce and steamed broccoli

 9  Pra Ram Steamed mixed vegetables and topped with peanut sauce.

 10*Pad Phet Stir fried eggplant, bamboo shoot, mushroom , bell pepper, krachai and basil with curry paste.

11. Mee Pad  small size rice noodle stir fired with green onion, egg , bean sprout and sweet tamarind sauce.


Choice :     Chicken , Pork, Tofu , Vegetables                         $ 5.50 

                 Shrimp                                                                $ 6

 11 Pad Thai  Stir fried rice noodle with egg, tofu, green onion, bean sprout and ground peanut with special Pad Thai sauce.

 12 Pad Thai Woonsen Glass noodle stir fired with egg ,Pad Thai sauce come with bean sprout onion and ground peanut on the side.

 13 Pad Se Ew Stir fried wide rice noodle with egg, broccoli and carrots.

 14 *Pad Kee Mao Stir fried wide rice noodle , bell pepper, onion, tomatoes mushroom  and basil .

 15 Yakisoba  A choice of meat stir fried with yakisoba noodle, onions , carrots, broccoli , cabbage and bean sprout

16 *House Noodle Red curry paste with peanut sauce, green beans ,carrot  basil and bell pepper,  

17 *Tom Yum Noodle soup Ground chicken or pork with rice noodle with tom yum soup bean sprout , green onion and ground peanut

18 **Sukiyaki (Soup or dry) Glass noodle, egg, pickled bean curd, thai chili , green onion $6


(All curry comes with Jasmin Rice or Brown Rice)

   Choice : Chicken , Pork, Tofu , Vegetables                         $ 5.50

                 Shrimp                                                                $ 6 

19 *Pumpkin Curry Red curry paste with pumpkin, bell pepper and basil.

20*Peanut Sauce Curry Red curry paste, peanut sauce, green bean, carrots, bell pepper and basil.

21  Yellow Curry Yellow curry paste, potatoes, carrots and onion and bell pepper.

22 *Massamun Curry Massamun curry paste, potatoes, carrots onion and peanut.

23 * *Green Curry Green curry paste with eggplant, bamboo shoot, bell pepper and basil

24 * Red Curry Red curry paste with eggplant , bamboo shoot , bell pepper and basil.

                                   Fried  Rice

   Choice : Chicken , Pork, Tofu , Vegetables                         $ 5.50

                Shrimp                                                                $ 6

25  Kao Pad  Stir fried rice with egg, tomatoes, pea&carrot ,onion, green onion.

26 *Kao Pad Basil Stir fired rice with egg,  basil , onion ,  serrano chili.

27  Kao Pad Pineapple  Stir fried rice with egg, cashew nut, pine apple, raisin, pea& carrot, tomatoes and onion.


Lemongrass Chicken Stir fried marinated chicken with lemongrass and thai herb, topped on steamed vegetable and topped with peanut sauce, come with rice.                                                                          $ 7


Thai Iced Tea                 $1.50             Water                 $1.00

Thai lemon Iced Tea      $1.50              Soda                   $1.00

Thai Iced Coffee             $1.50            Coconut juice       $1.50

Nom Yen                      $1.50             Mangoes juice      $1.50

                                                Side order

Kai doww   $1.00                               Peanut sauce  $0.75                     


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